Kidney Pain! - How To Pass Kidney Stones Naturally At Home

Kidney stones are solid deposits made of accumulated minute crystals. Kidney stones may come as one large solid mass or multiple small stones. Suffice it to say, the smaller ones are easily passed on their own. However, larger kidney stones may require medical intervention and treatment. This medical condition is characterized by intermittent pain which occurs in spurts and ceases after a brief period. Varying levels of pain may be felt by individuals and may affect different areas of the body. Other symptoms associated with this medical condition include vomiting, nausea, fever, blood streaks in the urine and fever.

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Cystine stones account for only less than one percent of all kidney stones because it stems from the body’s genetic disability to transport amino acid. The insoluble amino acids will combine with the crystal nucleus and form into cystine kidney stones and develop into a disease called cystinuria.

As you consider what treatment is best for your situation it is important to be professionally diagnosed for kidney stones. And you will find that just like snowflakes, no two kidney stones are alike. Kidney stones vary from size, shape, and composition (though most stones consist of calcium). And the best news yet, most kidney stones can be dissolved and passed naturally with no use of medication or surgery.

Meanwhile you also wanted to find out how Feng Shui plays a rôle in kidney stone natural medicine. So first I am going to tell you how Feng Shui contributes to your general health.

2. 90% of Kidney Stones are 7mm or less- The smaller the stone; the more likely the remedy will be successful. If you are in this 90 percentile, then you will have an 85% chance of dissolving and passing your kidney stone with one natural remedy treatment. Our doctor-approved natural remedy for kidney stones has worked for kidney stones as big as 1.2 cm.

Expert says that the easiest way to dissolve stones from kidney is to flush them away from one's system. Although this can be done by using medication or through simple medical procedures it is best to do it in a natural way. The natural means of dissolving stones from kidney and flushing it out of one's system by drinking tea. Tea has been giving people a lot of benefits.